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Das Valdo

Oversized mouthmask announces thank you to medical staff and families.

If you want to spend your summer holiday in newly renovated holiday apartments in the Tyrolean mountains, seefeld/Tyrol offers a humorously packaged offer. With a huge 8 by 5 meter mouthmask on the house, the design apartment house “dasValdo” wants to set a special sign and thank the medical staff for the hard work of the last months. All guests who are working in the medical field during the Corona crisis can relax in the design apartment house on the Seefeld Plateau, which reopened in December 2019, and receive a 50% discount on their stay.
Since the last few weeks have been very challenging, especially for many families, there is also a special offer for families. All children up to 12 years are happy about a free stay! Of course with cancellation option until the day of arrival!

The action is intended to send a signal of gratitude. Incidentally, the oversized mouthguard was hung by the lugers Thomas Steu/Lorenz Koller/Yannick and Jonas Müller, who are fully behind the new concept and design. This connection of the top athletes is a great gesture! The protective mask serves as a symbol for a well-deserved and safe holiday. Especially with apartments with separate entrances, it is much easier to keep the necessary distance. In addition, “dasValdo” already guarantees compliance with all protective measures.
Without risk from 29. On May 1, go on holiday with the family in a design apartment and enjoy the local mountains – a successful action with heart that makes us dream of a summer holiday.